Kentucky Bourbon Pie - Classic Apple 2 Pack (JCP)

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Kentucky Bourbon Pie - Classic Apple Filling

Kentucky Bourbon Pie - Classic Apple (FREE SHIPPING)

An American classic handmade in the heart of Kentucky, this delectable sweet treat is everything an apple pie should be – with Southern sass! The spice infused tart apple slices with a hint of bourbon truly capture the taste of the South.

Just open, fill and bake. Each jar is made in small batches containing over 2 pounds of juicy, tart apples slices that have been delicately spiced with a special blend of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and a pinch of ginger. Use your favorite crust or make our recipe conveniently located on the label for the all-American favorite pie. The filling is fully cooked and can even be warmed and enjoyed over ice cream. For a quick and easy apple crisp, pour the filling in a casserole and add a crumble our label recipe of oats, butter and sugar.

Made with 1/3 cup of bourbon.