Teapot & Cover in French Country

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French Country Teapot

This Stoneware Teapot is a simple, natural and tranquil way to steep great tea. Its classic shape and gently curved spout pours without spilling or dripping, and the lid stays securely in place.

The spout and handles are molded to the surface for a seamless appearance and lasting durability.

Whether you’re using a stainless steel mesh strainer, tea ball or a teabag you’ll find the opening in the top adequate.

It’s also safe to heat your teapot in the microwave, just remember to use a potholder.

Before adding your tea leaves or bags and your hot water we suggest adding about a half a pot-full of hot water from the tap or kettle to warm the pot. Once your water is ready to brew, empty out the warming water from the pot and then add your tea leaves and water.