Our patios and gardens are not only our escape but the places where we meet with nature to reflect and relax. At Louisville Stoneware we have created the perfect handcrafted garden pottery piece for you. Our gardens give us the ability to express ourselves in numerous ways and what is a better way than one of the beautifully handcrafted garden pottery pieces masterfully created at Louisville Stoneware. Whether you are looking for birdhouses, garden tiles, flower pots, or just a beautiful decorator piece we have the best selection of beautiful pieces that will set off any garden or outdoor space. Our outdoor pottery pieces tell a story about who and what we are when it comes to nature and a piece from Louisville Stoneware will make sure you are always saying the right thing when it comes to you and your moments with nature. We have designed our handcrafted Garden and Patio pottery collection to help bring a little peace and reverie into our most intimate moments with nature