Witches Antipasto Tray with Bowl

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Witch Antipasto Tray with Bowl

Our Antipasto Tray is the perfect piece for your next party, or when unexpected company shows up. Elegant and narrow, it still offers depth to hold plenty of your favorite starter. Sold with our matching 16 ounce bowl, this set will complete your spread at any dining occasion.

Antipasto, meaning “before the meal”, refers to the first course of a formal Italian dinner.  Whether you serve an authentic antipasto spread of olives, rich cheeses, and charcuterie, or you use this for your favorite chips and dip, your appetizers will have quite an impact when presented on this tray. 

This Antipasto Tray pairs nicely with our other Halloween dinnerware.


20” x 7.75” x 1”

Due to the unique nature of our products, dimensions listed may not be exact.