11" Bowl in Holly Graffiti

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11" Bowl in Holly Graffiti

Beautiful and versatile, the round dinner salad/pasta bowl is perfect as an centerpiece, casual get-togethers and serving family-style pastas, vegetable or salads. It also serves well during larger gatherings as a small Christmas or Holiday serving bowl.

An off-shoot of the Graffiti Green pattern, the Holly Graffiti pattern is often used during the Christmas season to add a bit of color to the table for your Christmas Dinnerware. The serving bowl stands alone or together with its sister pattern -- Graffiti.

Stoneware can be safely used in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer. Just remember to allow pieces from the dishwasher to cool before refrigerating. Likewise, you should allow refrigerated piece to return to room temperature before washing. As with any stoneware item, extreme and sudden variation in temperature may cause cracking or breakage.

When baking in Stoneware, you’ll find it cooks very evenly and creates nice crisp crusts. With the carefully applied glaze, Stoneware is easy to wipe clean. Use a permanent marker to write your name on the bottom of Stoneware that you take to a potluck (don’t worry it washes off with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer). Stoneware is naturally resilient resisting scratches and fading. Superficial marks from silverware can be cleaned up with silver polish or cooktop cleaner.


Height: 3.5”

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