Just Add Bourbon 14 Oz Coffee Mug

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Bourbon Mug, Bourbon Coffee Mug

There will be no mistaking what the user of this mug would like to add to his/her hot beverage. Hand painted on the back of the 14 oz Mug (the side that faces away from you if you are right handed), is the tongue and cheek phrase "Just Add Bourbon". Coated in a clear glaze, the earth's natural brown tones evoke the rich amber color associated with various steps of the bourbon making process. The mug is trimmed in a rich, brown glaze along the top and bottom and the mug's handle is accented with brown for a handcrafted touch.

The simple cylindrical mug design is crafted on a jigger with the handle molded separately and lovingly applied by hand for a seamless appearance and lasting durability. So although you may need to blow on your beverage to cool it down, the handle is always easy on the fingers.

The first steamboat arrived in Louisville in 1811, signaling a new age of growth for Louisville and the distilling industry. The steamboat allowed for the expanded distribution, in larger quantities, of Kentucky Bourbon to new markets. By the 1820s, commercial distilleries in the state’s rural areas were on the rise, as was Louisville’s stoneware industry, which produced the jugs used to package the area’s precious bourbon.


3.25” x 4.5”

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