House & Home


Like our homes themselves, each piece in that home defines the taste and style of its residents. Louisville Stoneware has created the most beautiful and elegant handmade and handcrafted household pottery pieces making your pieces the focal point of your home. Our home collection features numerous pieces such as; vases, music boxes, door plaques and many unique items that will be sure to make your home the talk of any get together. With so many wonderful items to choose from Louisville Stoneware has created an oasis for any home shopper to walk into and see just how beautiful their home can be with these handcrafted pieces that any homeowner would be love to display. Whether you are searching for something small or large let Louisville Stoneware show you what handmade pottery pieces would best suit your home or show you just how beautiful all these pieces are individually. These individually handcrafted pottery pieces can truly make the difference between a house and a home.